Drinks & Food (in that order)

The Retox Center™ is fully stocked with a wide variety of spirits and liquors including 30+ flavored vodkas. Try Shelly’s $2 Shot Special which changes daily as well as our famous specialty cocktails all reasonably priced.

Retox Center Specialty Drinks

The Southside Grapist
It only sounds tasteless… Sloe Gin, Razzmatazz, Blue Curacao, sweet & sour, and orange Juice…. Watch out for this one, it’ll sneak up on you.

Everybody sing with me, “Slutbucket, bucket of slut.” Midori, Absolut Mandarin, Blue Curacao, sweet & sour and pineapple juice. .” Find out for yourself where the name came from…

Penis Colossus
Get your mind out of the gutter… Our take on the Pina Colada. Coconut vodka, rum, pineapple and your choice of fruit or nuts (Crème de Banana or Frangelico). Put one in your mouth right now!

Electric Cat Piss
Smells better, tastes better… pretty much all around better than cat piss. Peach vodka, pineapple juice, and Roaring Lion Energy Drink. Feels like we should insert a pussy cat joke here….

Rumones Runner
Hey Ho, Let’s Go!! Our take on the Rum Runner. Rum, blackberry brandy, crème’ de banana, juice, and a Bacardi 151 float…. Joey don’t like anything colored pink, but he’d like this if he were around to taste it.

Iggy’s Pop
Iggy’s favorite beverage when he hangs out at the Ballroom. Pink lemonade and blue raspberry vodkas, Razzmatazz, and sweet & sour. We’re totally lying about the Iggy part. But the drink is good and the name is clever.

Tropical Blue Cocktail
We wanted to call it “The drink that Garth is drinking in Wayne’s World when they sign the contract, only smaller and without the umbrellas,” but decided that was too long. You’ll feel like you’re lying on a beach – only, you’re not.

Sucker Punch
What they’re all drinking over at Champion Pub. The perfect mix of strawberry vodka, blue raspberry vodka, and 3 fruit juices… Pound a few.

Raw Power
Italy’s greatest punk band in drink form. Amaretto, Cointreau, triple sec, sweet & sour, oj, and grenadine. It could leave you screamin’ in the gutter.

Also check our seasonal drink menu and house infused liquors.

Australian Meat Pies

Handmade every day from scratch, The Silver Ballroom is one of only a handful of kitchens making true blue traditional Australian Meat Pies in the U.S. 4+ varieties available everyday, with the standards being beef and cheddar, beef and bacon, and pork tenderloin with homemade mashed potatoes and country gravy – starting at only $5. Other pies may include: The Breakfast Pie (with or without meat), Slinger Pie, Chicken Fajita, Chili Mac, Thanksgiving Pie, Chicken Parmesan, Mac & Cheese, and more!

*How to eat an Aussie Pie.

Step 1: Pick up pie with hands.
Step 2: Put pie in face.

No fork necessary.